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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Q & A With ProDance!

WIth the ProDance Convention opening in Miami this weekend, ProDance's Rosalyn Jones and Sam Shen took a few minutes to answer some questions about the convention. Rosalyn is the founder of ProDance and started as the Director and Choreographer for the San Antonio Spurs. For more on Sam, please see below.

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CDTC: For those that are not familiar with the convention, please tell us a little bit about ProDance.

Rosalyn Jones: ProDance is simply a catalyst that educates, empowers, inspires, and nurtures dancers and directors who yearn to be the very best! As the choreographer for the San Antonio Spurs Silver Dancers from 1992-2003, I attended numerous dance conventions attempting to find a style of choreography that suited professional sports dance. Nothing satisfied my specific needs so I decided to start something that did--ProDance! Now, 11 years later, ProDance is a benchmark! Professional and collegiate dancers and directors with the highest standards attend our event. On the surface, ProDance is the most exceptional and exclusive choreography you can imagine! We bring together choreographers who "GET IT!!" Crowd-pleasing, technically challenging, visually exciting choreography! Hip-hop, jazz, novelty, prop, pom, etc. It's just something you have to see to believe! There's a quote I found that describes the essence of ProDance. It says, "Some experiences simply do not translate. You have to go to know." Whether you're an NBA or NFL dancer or a nationally-ranked collegiate team like Cal State Fullerton or the University of Memphis (who have attended for years), ProDance should be YOUR resource! We also offer seminars, networking opportunities, and so much more! There's no fluff. No lectures. We simply disseminate information that every intelligent and successful dancer and director needs to reach their highest potential. Period. Our non-competitive environment allows everyone to concentrate on learning. It's a fantastic concept! There is true camaraderie at ProDance! The energy is palpable! Oh my goodness...I could go on and on! We hold it at some of the most phenomenal venues ALL at incredibly reasonable prices! We understand your needs and do everything in our power to meet and EXCEED those needs! Come to ProDance and be AMAZED!!

CDTC: Does the curriculum for college dance teams differ in any way from that of the professional teams?

Rosalyn Jones: The choreography is the same. However, we do offer opportunities for collegiate teams to network and exchange ideas and information in the same manner as the pros. It's an incredibly invaluable opportunity!

CDTC: What can dance squads expect while attending the ProDance convention.

Rosalyn Jones: They can expect an event that is specifically designed to challenge, inspire and motivate them to be the very best! It can't be compared to any other camp out there. It's so innovative! The event is professionally organized in a manner that produces maximum results with minimal time commitment. When you leave ProDance, you will have enough material to last an entire season! It doesn't get any better than that!

CDTC: What is your role with ProDance, and how did you get to the position that you’re in now.

Sam Shen: I am currently an Advisor and Coach for the 9-time UDA College National Dance Champs, Cal State Fullerton Dance Team. By day, I am also a Meeting and Events Planner. I've been working with Rosalyn for the past year but have attended 6 ProDance Conventions over the past decade.

CDTC: What do you see in the future for ProDance?

Rosalyn Jones: I see SO many exciting things ahead for ProDance! The brand will continue to expand!

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