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Sunday, August 31, 2008


Head Coach Dyanne Loput of the FAU Dance Team has moved on to accept a position with the Miami Heat. Ms. Loput has been a great contributer to the College Dance Team Central blog for a long time, and although we'll miss her contributions, CDTC wishes her the best of luck. Below is a Sun Sentinel posting by Ted Hutton about "DTC." CDTC looks forward to following her career in the NBA!

By Ted Hutton

Dawn breaks on this new week in Owl Country with rather depressing news. Well, it is uplifting in a way, but a downer for us DT loyalists.

We escaped Fay, but we did not escape this tragedy: DTC is moving on.

Yes, our beloved DTC has used FAU as a stepping stone to greater things, and has been hired as an assistant coach of the Miami Heat dancers.

Yes, those Heat dancers, the ones consistently voted near or at the top of the NBA.

Here is DTC (Dyanne Loput) at FanFest, with one of those Heat dancers, who used to be on the DT.

DTC did not sprain her ankle in Dallas, turns out she broke it, which is why she has the boot on and is still limited.

Anyway, this is a great move for DTC, and well deserved.

As you can imagine, this news has had yours truly reaching for the Xanax AND bourbon, and the result has not raised me out of my funk and I wouldn’t recommend it.

The DT without DTC? Why, that is like me without Howard Bobble Head Doll. Wait, I am without HBHD, but that is another story. It is like the FAU offense without coordinator Gary Nord, like FAU without Little Big Man, like Cheerios without milk, like, well, you get the idea.

DTC took the DT and turned it into what it is. And I don’t have to tell fans what that is. Just the greatest DT in the land. But you all know that.

She used her own money and hours of unpaid time to create what fans have enjoyed – great outfits, great routines, and great DT members. Those girls don’t just look good but are great people.

I would go on but I’m afraid the tears springing from my eyes may drown my keyboard. Here, then, is a short compilation of reasons why we love DTC and why it is so painful to say goodbye, even though she is going on to greater things.

DTC will be with the DT until they find a replacement.

The DTC name is officially being retired, since there will never be another DTC.

Best of luck, DTC. And stay in touch.

I know it won’t work, but folks, can you try and convince DTC to stay?

I will start…

Because the Heat dancers are professionals, and the DT are college students, and you can still influence their lives and help shape their spirits and souls.

Because the Heat stinks and FAU is going to have a great season and you really should be a part of it.

Because at FAU you are the big fish in a small pond, where with the Heat you are a cog in the huge machine. Of course, you will get paid more and have a huge budget and not have to use your own money for their outfits, but…

Because…, well, help me out, folks.