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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Porzondek Named New Oakland Dance Coach

ROCHESTER, Mich. - Oakland University has brought back a familiar face with the naming of Sara Porzondek as head coach of Images, the university dance team. She had been a member of Images from 1997-2001.

As a senior, she served as team captain and helped the squad to a runner-up finish at the UDA Nationals. Porzondek is set to begin her duties immediately.

From April 2001 to September 2007, Porzondek was the dance team coach at Rochester High School. Among her duties were choreographing and teaching dance routines for school games and competitions, organizing various fundraising operations and managing team funds. Twice she has been a member of dance teams for professional sports teams in Detroit. She was a member of Automotion for the Detroit Pistons (2001-03) and of The Spark for the Detroit Ignition soccer team (2006-07). Since July 2007, she has been the owner and director of Sara's Dance Academy in Macomb.

Porzondek has a B.A. in English with minors in Communication and Sociology from Oakland. She currently resides in Sterling Heights.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

ASU Combines Dance Team, Cheerleaders

By Jason P. Skoda
The Arizona Republic

The sidelines at Arizona State athletic events are going to have a new look in the fall.

The traditional cheerleader squad and the dance team have morphed into the "spirit squad."

The move was made in conjunction with the decision to switch the cheerleading squad from the marketing department's advisement to being handled by the marching band.

"We took our two spirit groups and combined them," said Steve Hank, an associate athletic director in the marketing department. "We will roughly have the same number of (performers) on the field as we did in years past."

Hank also said one of the reasons for the change was the danger involved in the stunting and tumbling aspects of cheerleading.

The decision was made on May 10, and Hank said it had nothing to do with racy photos of former ASU cheerleaders on a Web site, as has been rumored. He also said that there is no link between the shuffling of the cheer squad and the three men's sports that were cut last week.

Most of the cheerleaders felt much like the athletes who lost their programs - that they were blindsided by the decision and left little time to make plans, one former cheerleader said.

They were told about the decision nine days before the tryout for the new spirit squad.

"We did everything for the university," said freshman Kendall Conedera. "We went to every game, every function and every single event, and to be treated like this, with no clear explanation, and absolutely no notice is ridiculous."

Conedera said about eight cheerleaders, including her, tried out for the spirit squad and three upperclassmen made it.

"I think it was extremely unfair," she said. "We were given nine days to get ready for something that has nothing to do with cheerleading."

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Beauty of Motion: a Midwest Conference for Women

The Wilkins Studios at the St. Paul River Center, Minnesota
May 17 - 18, 2008

Online Registration is Now Available!

Connecting active women for a health-centered, inspiring, and educational workshop.

An event that challenges women to fully embrace their love of dance, artistic movement, fitness, beauty and personal growth.

A retreat-like environment providing time to reflect, relax, rejuvenate, and most importantly, MOVE!

Participants will have their choice of four course offerings per hour.

One will be high-level dance instruction of various styles to include jazz, modern, tap, lyrical, and more taught by top-notch choreographers and instructors.

The second room will also offer dance instruction, but this room will be geared toward less-than-elite level dancers, former dancers, or just those that are a dancer at heart but never had the chance to receive formal training. Still top-notch instructors and choreography, but without the high-level skills of room one!

The third room will offer a mix of active fitness classes. Get a workout or just observe and take notes! Offerings will include yoga, pilates, injury prevention for dancers, bellydancing, core conditioning, flexibility development and more!

The last room will be entirely lecture-based and will include presenters on topics relevant to active women. Lectures include make-up application for stage, every day hair and make-up makeovers, starting a small business, writing a personal or business mission statement, skincare, motivation for yourself and for your team, nutrition, and more!

Undoubtedly, there will be something for you! Move your body all day or get inspired by lectures, or combine the two to create your ideal retreat. Take on hour off to shop our exhibitors expo! Treat yourself to a weekend of fun…for yourself and for the love of dance!

Visit for more information (including featured instructors), and to register NOW!