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Saturday, April 26, 2008

The New Paltz Dance Team

By Pierce Lydon, Copy Editor
The New Paltz Oracle

It’s pretty fair to say the people love to dance. You dance at the bar. You dance at parties. You probably even dance by yourself in your room to your favorite songs. Well, if you really love to dance then have we got a club for you!

The New Paltz Dance Team has been an active organization for over two years but just recently became recognized by the Student Association. They originally began as a kickline team but as new members became the leaders of the club, their focus shifted a bit.

“We, as a team, have begun to change our focus to more of a dance background, establish more performances throughout the year and collaborate with many of the other groups on campus,” said Captain Beth Frank. “With these new, fantastic changes, we decided to change our name to New Paltz Dance Team to celebrate and specify our growth.”

With their new name and new drive, the team decided to become a part of the Student Association family. They wanted to be recognized on campus and saw the Student Association (SA) as a great networking tool for future collaborations with other clubs, as well as a forum for their ideas and fundraising projects. Joining SA made it easier for them to achieve what they couldn’t while they were an outside organization.

But what if your passion and love of dance exceeds your actual talent? No worries! The New Paltz Dance Team is very open to new recruits from the most experienced dancers to ones that are just starting out. Even the current team has people from all sorts of backgrounds.

“Some of the team members have never danced before while other members have been training their whole lives,” said Frank. “I love that the dance team brings people together, challenges people to do what they thought they never could.”

The New Paltz Dance Team has been very busy this semester. They performed at Fresh Dance, a completely student run dance concert and they perform at halftime for both Men’s and Women’s basketball games. In addition, they dedicate approximately six hours to practice every week.

You can see this hard-working club in action on Thursday, April 24 at 7:30 p.m. at an event called Dance Fusion at the Elting Gym. The show will consist of many different organizations performing many different styles of dance. The New Paltz Dance Team will be performing everything from ballet to jazz and kickline. Shades will be performing some step and Culture Shock Dance Troupe will perform hip-hop dances. Fraternity Tau Kappa Epsilon will be putting on a ballroom dance and Alpha Psi Ecdysia will debut their burlesque dance group. These groups have teamed with the Sexy Pitches, who will be singing during the performance. Plus, 50 percent of the proceeds will be donated to the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America, a cause that is very close to some of the performers.

Next year, you can expect even more activity from the New Paltz Dance Team as members of the Student Association. They will still be doing the basketball games and Fresh Dance, but are open to new events and can’t wait for next year.

“We are always up for new performances, especially ones that support a charity or a good cause,” said Frank. “We have a really strong team this year and we can’t wait for auditions again next year!”

If you’d like more information about the New Paltz Dance Team you can contact Beth Frank or check out the New Paltz Dance Team Facebook group.


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