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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Tennessee Dance Team Brings Home A National Championship

Tennessee's long elusive national crown finally found its resting place in Knoxville as Tennessee's Dance team captured its first national crown in commanding fashion at in the land of dreams and wishes.

At the Milk House in Orlando, Florida, Tennessee put on a dominating performance before a packed house at the Wide World of Sports Complex. Performing to "Your House" by Alisa Morissette, the dance team performed to an Acapella version of the song and simply rocked the house.

Co-Head Coach Kellie Edenmueller said this team knew this was the material it would take to bring home the national championship.

"We knew from the moment we put this together it had the potential to bring us a national championship. Our girls worked tirelessly and put together a great performance."

Tennessee was not without their fans as more than 150 made their way to the Milk House and turned the old can into a home away from home. It was something this program has sought for almost a decade.

"It is finally a breath of fresh air to win this national title, both from a coaching standpoint and a coordinator of trying to raise the bar," said UT Spirit Coordiantor Joy Postell. "Repeatedly these squads have come here and have left disappointed because they did not achieve their goal. To finally achieve the goal, to represent your university and to win the title is breathtaking and ecstatic.

"The feeling I have and pride I have that UT has allowed me to have a phenomenal program to reach out to so many spirit athletes. Not just athletics but in every aspect and to bring notoriety to this university. At Tennessee we work together as a team and cheer, dance, and mascot are all emphasized as being winners and achievers. Everyone of these teams is very supportive of the other. I am very fortunate to have the tools the university provides me to succeed. For us to reach the top five in every category is both not just a personal goal but a goal of every athlete in this program."

Tennessee was the only program in the nation to place in the top five in the country in Mascot (5th place), Cheer (4th place) and dance again in the Hip-Hop division with a 5th place finish.

Tonight was truly magical and the young women made it happen.

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