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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

MSU Dance Team Skipping Break

By John Tramontana

It's a challenging schedule, but these women say they're up to the task.

"We practice over winter break six hours a day to train for it," said team co-captain Micha Hickey.

They're members of the m-s-u dance team and they're getting ready to compete against dozens of the nation's best in a collegiate dance competition next month in Orlando, Florida.

It can be grueling work. The team balances practice with classes, with many of the dancers pre-med and law majors. Adding to the challenge is the fact that the team doesn't even have a formal coach.

"We do a lot of our own choreography in terms of costuming, make-up, the actual dance, the music choices. all that goes to us," Hickey said.

And it's that work that keeps the women in town for the holidays, aside of a short recess when they go to visit their families.

"You make the commitment and you love being here," Hickey added.The girls sort of become your family so over break being around them isn't necessarily making you homesick."

The team will perform two dances in January's competition. As for the routine itself...

"It's really fast, upbeat so you're going, going, going. there's always different things going on," said co-captain Gina Dattolo. "Everything's catching your eye and you don't know where to look. that's what you want in a dance."

The women have a bit of a chip on their shoulders too. They didn't finish as high as they would have liked last year so they want to make an impression this time around.

"Obviously to get at least in the top 10." Dattolo said.