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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Assumption College Competes in Florida

Le Provocateur

This past week the Assumption College Dance Team traveled to Florida to participate in the Division II dance categories against some of the best teams in the country, including Hawaii Pacific University and Tamagawa University.

The latter university traveled all the way from Japan to compete in this dance competition. After dancing in preliminaries on Thursday, April 7, the Assumption College Dance team was ranked second in the Challenge Cup competition that would occur later that afternoon.

The Challenge Cup determines the last team that will make finals and perform in a different venue the following day. After performing the best the team ever had, they placed 2nd in the Challenge Cup after the University of Minnesota Mankato score a mere .008 higher and was granted a place in the finals.

Although the Assumption College Dance team did not make the finals, they ranked nineth in the nation, the first place team under the eight finalists.

"This is a personal best for the team and we were thrilled with our performances and our ranking overall," stated Marie Torto, the senior captain of the Assumption College Dance team.

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