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Friday, May 01, 2009

Towson Dance Team Takes Home 11th National Title

Towson, MD "We Are the Champions" could very well be the theme song for the Towson University Dance Team. They're just back from Daytona after winning their 11th straight National Collegiate Division l title.

Ron Matz has more on the 27 women who make up this amazing dynasty of dance.

The Towson University Dance Team has done it again, winning the Collegiate National Championship Division l title.

They took a chance with a new routine, depicting a battle between good and evil.

Coach Tom Cascella is proud that the girls took a chance.

"It was difficult for them to take a chance with this routine, so I was happy that we won. But I was happier they were willing to take a risk and do a routine no one else has ever done," he said. "We could have lost, but they didn't let that influence their decision of what they wanted to do and how they wanted to take our team in another direction.

They defeated 20 other teams in the competition in Daytona, bringing home a big trophy.

Their intensity is shaped in practice.

"We work very hard in practice--Tuesdays and Thursdays three hours usually after classes and then on the weekends pretty much all day," said junior Jennifer Maletto.

Practice does make perfect. At least 150 young women auditioned this year and only eight made the team.

But for the seniors looking ahead, it's been a bittersweet moment.

"I can't believe I'm finishing up. It has been a lot of hard work but all the girls, we've become so close. So it's really great. It becomes emotional when you're a senior and you're out there for your last time and it hits you that it's done," said senior Dana Richmond.

"It never gets old. I was really happy for them because they worked so hard," said Cascella.

More than 15,000 people watched the competition in Daytona. The 2009 Collegiate Championship is the largest college cheer and dance championship in the world.

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  • WHY is there another article on this team? I think to keep explaining it was "good vs evil"...since nobody except the judges understood that and hopefully NDA has taken some heat for it. It just looked like evil...perfect for Broadway, but many thought not at all appropriate for a Collegiate Nationals.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 7:56 AM  

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