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Friday, July 25, 2008

College OTR Ranks Top 5 College Dance Teams

By Lady Scarlet (Chief Contributor)
College On The Record

College dance teams are popping up everywhere on television, the Texas State Strutters were seen on America's Got Talent and the Rutgers University dance team, SassX7, got booted off of America's Next Dance Crew. In honor of dance teams bringing spunk to scripted reality, we've created a Top 5 List.

Here’s a fresh crop of dance starlets who have more than spirit fingers to work with.

5. The UNC- Chapel Hill Dance Team
This dance team has an impeccable reputation on the, er, dance floor. Consistently placing in the top five rankings at the NDA/NCA Collegiate Championships, which is no surprise since the team meticulously screens potential dancers for ability, determination, agility, and overall attractiveness.

4. Brigham Young University, Cougarettes
Um, yes you’re seeing Brigham Young University here. Apparently, Mormons are allowed to wear short skirts when it’s for purposes of dance competitions only. It’s somewhere in the Latter-Day Saints code, we swear. Pushing aside all the Mormon jabs, the team is serious about dancing, taking the #1 spot at the 2007 championships.

3. Duke University, Dancing Devils
When it comes to dancing, the Dancing Devils are always ready to make it hot. A favorite of sports fans and dance team groupies, they always have a solid following. We will try not to imply that it’s because of the skin tight blue attire.

2. Miami University, Redhawks
Residing in Oxford, Ohio, it's easy to bring intensity to dance. Keeping up with the rest of the collegiate dance scene, the Redhawks must always be in shape. Besides having seriously toned bodies, the team is original and fun to watch.

1. University of Louisville, Lady Birds
In it to win it at all times, the Lady Birds take the title almost every year. They have never slipped out of the top five, ever. Over the past decade, people have just been waiting for their stellar coach to keel over. Till then, they will continue to dominate every collegiate dance competition out there.


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