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Friday, November 23, 2007

Nothing's Better Than The Dance Team

By Brian Fadem
The Daily Free Press

This past weekend was one of the roughest to be a Terrier fan, and it was especially difficult for Jesus and I. It began Friday afternoon in Chestnut Hill, when the women's soccer team made an early exit from the NCAA Tournament. Like the field hockey team, the women's soccer team won the America East Tournament but couldn't do anything in the NCAAs.

It only got worse when the women's hockey team got shut out on home ice against St. Cloud State. I honestly don't know where that school is located, but it's a cool name.

Things started to look up later that evening, when the men's hockey team absolutely pounded Vermont. Someone must have told the team, "Hey, some parts of the country will be able to see you guys play tonight because this game is on CN8." That's the only reason I can explain why the team scored NINE goals. First they net seven at home against UMass-Lowell, then nine on the road. At this rate, in two weeks - when the Terriers host BC - they should score a record 11 goals at Agganis. I can't wait.

Unfortunately, the momentary bliss I enjoyed Friday night didn't last. What I predicted would happen did in fact happen: After scoring nine goals the night before, the Terriers lost by one Saturday night to the same team in the same building. I guess the Terriers really need to be on TV to shine. Sadly, this wasn't the only loss Saturday.

For the second night in a row, the women's ice hockey team dropped a game to St. Cloud State. Over in Agganis, Jesus and I witnessed back-to-back basketball losses -- something I never want to experience again.

First, the women's basketball team lost to Ohio State University. Later, the men shot a porous 37 percent from the field in a loss to St. Joseph's University -- a team the Terriers really just cannot beat.

I stood in the front row as the clock ran down Saturday, staring at Jesus, questioning my existence.

Through all the tears, turmoil and trouble I experienced this weekend, there was some success. And when I say success, I mean HOT success.

See, there is a team at Boston University that remains undefeated and has stayed unbeaten since the team's inception.

If this team were a hockey player, it would be Tom Morrow. If it was a meal, it would be dessert. If it was a place, it would be paradise. The Boston University Dance Team: collectively, they are a perfect 10 and God's greatest creation.

The BUDT attends all basketball games, and if it was up to me it would be at all hockey games, too. Northeastern University has cheerleaders at its hockey games, so why don't we one-up them (as BU usually does to NU) by featuring the dance team at Agganis? I can guarantee attendance records would be absolutely shattered.

I remember at last year's men's basketball America East Tournament that almost every other school had a dance team. Looking at the other dance teams was like looking at a car crash -- so horrific, bu I couldn't stop staring in complete disgust.

As soon as the Terrier dance team walked out, the other squads stepped aside. The intimidation factor was tremendous. The BUDT is on a whole different level -- it can compete with most, if not all, NBA dance teams. When you see the BUDT, enjoy it, because it doesn't get much better.

The dance team stands behind the basket near the entrance to Case Gymnasium. There is a reason for that, which I finally realized this season: The opposing team shoots toward the entrance of Case in the second half of every game. Imagine trying to shoot free throws while 14 gorgeous girls are shaking their moneymakers in your face. Not easy.

Last year, the team thrilled Jesus and I. We went to the first basketball game unaware such a pleasure existed. Now, when there's a break in the action, Jesus and I divert all of our attention to the dancers' perfectly choreographed routines.

Now, I'm not knocking the cheerleaders -- I like them too. But there's something very special about the dance team. Perhaps it's that it really is a team -- they each have numbers, an official roster and names that Jesus and I have memorized just like the basketball and hockey roster.

My dream this season, you ask? Yes, I want to dance. Yes, Jesus wants to dance. Yes, we want to dance with the dance team. I don't know if we're good enough to be included, but if the dance team allowed us to be incorporated into one of its routines, my life would be complete. I wouldn't know what to live for anymore.

These ladies are the real deal - perfection, honestly. At Agganis, they paint faces and give out temporary tattoos. You can't miss them at Case. If you attend a basketball game this year, make sure you stay in your seat after the first 20 minutes because the BUDT always perform and never disappoints. Jesus and I appreciate all they do and hope the team continues its undefeated dominance. You go, girls.


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