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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Georgia Red Hotz To Compete At Nationals

By Marianne McGoldrick

The Red Hotz, the University's competitive dance team, already has received a bid to attend the National Dance Association (NDA) College Nationals competition in April.

The 12 members of the Red Hotz dance team traveled to Myrtle Beach, S.C., the weekend of Aug. 17 to attend the "NDA Cheer and Danz Camp."

Teams traveled across the nation from universities such as Penn State and NYU to take part in the weekend's rigorous dance schedule.

Not only did the Red Hotz walk away with a bid to Nationals but also four individual nominations for All-American titles.

Team captain Kate Nichols, a junior from Marietta, and Katelyn Andrews, also a junior from Marietta, were named All-Americans.

"We had 11 hours in the car, 25 hours of dancing and several hours of working past fatigue and frustration," Nichols said. "It all resulted in All-American titles, a spirit stick, a blue ribbon, a bid to Nationals and, most importantly, learning how to support and respect each other and have fun together."

The Red Hotz continue to be the only team in their division to compete without a coach.

"A lot of people don't know that we are student-led. We don't have a coach," said lieutenant Lauren Kelley, a sophomore from Roswell. "It can definitely be a challenge, but a good challenge."

Nichols agreed.

"Some may think that not having a coach is a disadvantage. But honestly, it teaches all of us how to use our own individual strengths to best benefit the team," she said.

Although competitions do not begin until the spring, the Red Hotz already are planning for the upcoming season.

"I would really like UGA to know our name better this year through more performances around campus and Athens," said co-captain Orian Edelman, a senior from Roswell.

Last year, along with participating in regular competitions and placing fourth at the NDA Nationals, the team performed at University philanthropic events such as HERO and Greek Grind.

"We have 12 very talented dancers that love to perform and represent UGA on a regional and national level," Nichols said.