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Friday, September 08, 2006

Delaware Spirit Teams Shine at Summer Camps

Sept. 6, 2006

UD's mascots, dance team and cheerleaders competed--and placed--in a variety of spirit events held Aug. 9-12 at the Universal Cheerleaders Association (UCA) 2006 College Spirit Camp at the University of Scranton, in Scranton, Pa.

During the four-day retreat, the dance team, cheerleaders and mascots mingled with colleagues and competitors, learned new techniques and practiced routines for the upcoming semester.

UD's dance team took third place for home routine (a dance prepared only for the competition), first place for fight song routine and received the Superior Trophy for Excellence for their training at the camp.

“I'm very proud of the team,” Nicole Zehnder, dance team head coach, said. “There was a lot of competition at the camp--a lot of representation of teams from the CAA [Colonial Athletic Association] and Atlantic 10--and we had a very young team. It was a really good experience for everyone, because the older team members were good leaders, and the whole team really proved to themselves that they can hold their own.”

YoUDee took second-place mascot honors at the camp--a feat, Sharon Harris, assistant director of public relations and mascot coordinator, said, that wasn't easy, given the challenging competition.

“I'm always very proud of the team's accomplishments,” Harris said. “Attending UCA spirit camps is a great way for the mascots to improve their skills, and the students have a great time performing with other college mascot performers.”

UD's Cheerleading Team took second place for their cheer, won the Most Collegiate Award in Division I and walked away with the Game Traditions Award--an honor given to cheerleading teams with the best track record of excellent performances during games.

“UD was the life of the camp, and the team was always ready to go,” Andy Brown, UD head coach and fitness coordinator, said. “The camp was a really great experience for all team members, and a really inspiring experience for me. I am very proud of them all, and we're looking forward to a great season ahead.”

Article by Becca Hutchinson
Photo by Kathy Atkinson


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